1. Hi there Robbie.

    I hear exactly what your saying here and although I don’t work at a job that has negativity right now, it’s not to say I haven’t, because i have had my fair share of negative people too. Who hasn’t right?. It is very draining and I suppose im a little like you in a way in that i too will look at resolving an issue rather than thinking that something can’t be done. The only time i will look at something that may not be able to be fixed or resolved is when i know in myself, i have done every god-damn thing in my power to resolve it first and even then, ill still try to look at another way to fix whatever it is.

    Great share and a very common issue in life with lots of people robbie.

    Good article, something I could get my teeth into lol.

    Cheers mate!,


    • Robbie van't Wout

      I think being positive is something that we all have to work on just because there is so much negativity around us,
      If we don’t work on being positive and surrounding ourselves with positive people we will become more negative.
      Thanks Margret.

    • Robbie van't Wout

      Glad you like it Gil. And yes you could probably work on your positivity. I think we all could to varying degrees.

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