What Social Media For Your Business

You have a small business and they say that you should have a social media presence for it but where do you start?

That is a good question. Yes it can be overwhelming when you start to think about it, there are just so many social media platforms out there.Social media Icons

  • What Social Media platform?
  • Should I be on them all?
  • What should I be posting/sharing?
  • How do I go about it?

Ideal Customer

First you will need to know who is your target market or put another way who is your ideal customer. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to figure this out

  • What is their age, gender, education, location?
  • What other sorts of products do they buy that relate to mine?
  • What problems do they have that you/your product/service solves
  • Where are they looking for to find it? Online? Print? Television? Friends?
  • What’s important to them?
  • Why should they from you or what may you different that they would want to buy from you not someone else.

You need to get very specific, the reason being is, it is easier to talk to someone if you know all about them. You might be thinking that you’ll be missing out on a lot of other customer by doing this. But you could also look at it that you will be getting less pain in the arse customers that take up more time than they are worth. You may have heard the saying “If you try to target everyone you will get no one”. The bonus is you get to deal with more people that you like dealing with.


What Social Media Platform

Now that you have established who your ideal customer is. It is time to consider what Social Media for your business. I will assume that you aren’t on social media yet.

Then I would suggest that you start with just one to begin with. Why? Because mastering one at a time easier and less overwhelming and once you have mastered that one move on and learn the next and over time you will develop a social media presence that will leave your competitor wondering what’s happened.

I will cover the major player in social media in up coming blogs so stay Tuned

I would suggest that you start with Facebook because it is the biggest platform out there

Here’s a video by Jo Barnes on how set up a Facebook page

What Should I Be Post/Sharing

Social Media is about being social, interacting and engaging not about look what I’ve got! want to buy it? click the link. This is a mistake that a lot, I would say the vast majority, of people make. Every post is I have this wonderful (stuff) click the link to buy it from me.

What you should be sharing is:-

  • value (for free),
  • tips,
  • free information,
  • you being a real person,
  • showing your vulnerability,
  • show how people they can relate to you
  • and occasionally something you have to sell or an offer

It is all about building a relationship with people, letting them get to know you because people like to buy from people they know, like and trust. If you give enough value for free, when you do make an offer they will want to buy from you.

This is explained in the book “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk  basically give, give, give, ask and if you work along this strategy it will work for you ask well.


image of video about the book "Jab Jab Jab Right Hook"

This this short video explains the book “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” and how it works.

How Often Should I Be Posting

You should really be posting twice a day and you can experiment as to what works best for you regarding when and how often.

But the most important thing is consistency. If you can’t manage twice a day decide how often you are going post and make sure that you do it then. Don’t post twice a day for one week then miss the next week then once a day the third week.  Your fans/follows like to hear from you that is why they are following you and if you’re all over the show they stop.

If you have any question please contact me or leave a comment/question below and I will get back to you.

I hope this has helped you answer the question “What social media for your business?”

Have a fantastic day








  1. Great blog good videos. Of course as always it will come down to preference and your customer as to where you will have a business social media presence. Personally though if your business is geared toward a YouTube channel and a website then G+ will probably become more important to your business presence then Facebook. The trick is to only have the Social Media accounts for your business that work for your business as sometimes having to many social media accounts can lead to a lack of productivity.

    • Robbie van't Wout

      Good point Sandra.
      It come down to knowing your ideal customer and where they hang out. Be it Pinterest, twitter YouTube, G+, Facebook or one of many other social media platforms.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. Great post Robbie, I especially love Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice on social media.
    I agree too, better to have a couple of really interactive social media accounts than a heap of dead ones 🙂

    • Robbie van't Wout

      Thanks Tash.
      Yes having interactive accounts and being interactive, even if it is controversial, is the key to being successful on social media.

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