1. The Lazy Ass Stoner! I loved this for many reasons. Great info on choosing a niche but also The Lazy Ass Stoner for me proved that you can just be yourself and as long as you are being ‘real’ and know what you are talking about and provide value people will want to follow you. This guy has a great following and I have now subscribed to him as well. Thanks Robbie, my favourite post so far 🙂

  2. Robbie

    Thanks Toni. Yes being yourself is really important. If you don’t people will see through you and they won’t come back.

  3. Well that young guy sure knows how to ‘kick ass’, in more ways than one ! Lots of good stuff there and I also learnt the meaning of the word mentalism (which I’d never heard of before)! A fine example of how being authentic works perfectly.

    both very helpful for how to use keywords and find a niche to make $$ from

    • Robbie

      Yep he is a very interesting guy to listen to. I have watch quite a few of his videos now.

      These video are only helpful if you follow the advice and then put it into action!

  4. […] What Niche are you going into? Some of the common ones online are weight loss, health, fitness, self improvement, educational products and dating. These are quite broad so you might want to narrow it down a bit eg Losing weight after pregnancy  or How to find a your perfect partner for guys over 40. […]

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