Testimonials are not something that I am big on. I prefer to just get in and help people where I can. I also find it hard to ask people to do them for me. But I have been advised that having testimonial is great a way of letting people know what you are like and therefore worth following or listening to. 

Video Testimonial by Nicole Brodie living in Tel Aviv, Israel 

Nicole Brodie live in Israel if you want to check her out you can find her here

Testimonial by Linda Nicolas from Toowoomba Australia

me-headshot-cropped-20141128_180258-150x150Hi, Linda Nicholas here. I have been an SFM member for several months now. During that time I have had many opportunities to call on Robbie’s expertise to
help me solve technical issues or for advice on any marketing or mindset related subject.
His advice, when sought, is always helpful and encouraging. I find his articles and videos a source of valuable content.
Robbie in his quiet inimitable way, is a true leader, always there to offer a solution when needed without judgement.
I am grateful to be part of the supportive SFM and Downunder group community to benefit from this.


Testimonial by Rex Taylor from Sydney Australia


I've known Robbie since having joined SFM/DEA (4 months) and he epitomises all that's good about this Global group & esp The Downunder Mastermind Group of which he is co founder. He is second to none in offering assistance & support for which I & others are most appreciative. Rex Taylor





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