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Basic Membershipcardright_819x581

Basic membership will teach how to become an internet marketer whether you are new to internet market and don’t have a product or you already have a product or service to promote. You will have access the the Six Figure Mentors training library and the Digital Business Lounge which gives you the tools to create professional looking websites for your business. If you don’t have your own product to market yet, you can start with marketing SFM’s memberships tools and their partners products and services 

 *Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at bottom of this page.

The Training

The Six Figure Mentors Training modules are step by step training that start you at the beginning with setting up your foundations form creating a business plan through to setting up a web site and starting to market. This practical training will work with your own products but you may want to start with marketing SFM's products, services and tools to first build your confidence. 

Internet Marketing

2015-01-13_0-09-12When advertising online it is important to know where your customers hang out or where to find them. This is why they teach different marketing strategies so you can reach the customer you want to attract.

All SFM’s training models are structured to demonstrate the tools that are available to you and then train you in the strategies that are working with those tools today.  You do practical work as you go through the training models.  The modules are regularly updated because the internet changes rapidly and it is important to always be up to date. Here are some of the SFM's training modules

  • Video Marketing. With video you can create a rapport with your customer where they will get to know like a trust you quicker
  • Lead Generation help build a list of potential customer when people sharing their email address so you can contact them, build confidence, and update about new eventsproducts and services. This can be a newsletter for example.
  • Blogging builds your authority on a subject and increases credibility. People will follow you and potentially become your customers.
  • WordPress 101. WordPress is the worlds premier publishing platform. With it you can create professional websites, blogs and more 
  • Attraction Marketing is a strategy to attract people to your product or service who are similar to you.  By sharing your own experience of how the product or service has changed your life, people with a similar problem, will identify with you and be more inclined to purchase.
  • E-mail Marketing Email marketing is cheap and effective.  First you build a list of people who have given you permission to email them and then over time you market your product or service to them directly.
  • Article Marketing. By writing articles and sharing them on the internet, you can generate traffic to your website and also build credibility by giving people value content
  • Banner Advertising. By placing banners on other peoples websites(for a fee) as well as your own your can get your potential customer to your website or wherever you would like them to go.
  • Search/Keyword Marketing. With keyword marketing you can bid on specific keywords that people are searching for on the search engines, to have your ads displayed on the search page.
  • Social Media Marketing. Through social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc) you can create interaction with your customer and potential customers increasing your credibility and also promoting your product

*Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at bottom of this page.

The Community

The SFM Community. Is where member of the Six Figure Mentor can meet and interact with each other online. They can ask questions, share experiences, problems and successes that they are having. There groups within the community relating to different topic and geographic locations. Working from home and online can be very lonely at times with no to interact with (unlike a workplace) and the community reduces this problem as there is always someone online that you can reach out to and connect with. It's all about caring, sharing, encouraging and uplifting each other and I feel it is one of the major benefits of SFM, I have never come across a group like it.

Weekly Webinars

sfm_tv_banner2SFM has weekly webinars where they share the latest internet marketing strategies. This is because everything online is moving so fast and changing some strategies become outdated and new one become available. Also at the beginning of each month they have the founders call where Stuart and Jay (they founder of SFM) hold a webinars with updates on what's happening and what's new that they are introducing (new tools etc)

Digital Business Lounge

DBLDigital Business Lounge is a WordPress-based platform that lets you create beautiful websites that are ready to do business in an easy way. There are lots completed design themes to choose from. There is "how-to" video training for each step you take. It comes with domain registration and hosting, tools to create landing page, website graphics, shortening and cloaking affiliate links as well as tracking software.  Digital Business Lounge can be used to build a website for most purposes.

The Price for Basic includes everything mentioned above at ONLY $297 for the first month, and then $97 per month each month there after

(To become a member, you must submit an application and be approved)

*Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at bottom of this page.

Elite - The Most Popular Membership 

Private exclusive coaching program

cardright_819x581 (1)Elite is for those who want private coaching in internet marketing and personal development. Internet millionaires and founders of the Six Figure Mentors, Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek will train and guide you in the different marketing strategies they use.  There will be a live webinar each month for a whole year giving you an edge over your competitors. They share new information about the latest strategies that work, and you’re able to ask ‘live’ questions and get immediate answers.

They also run various challenges where you can participate, but that's up to you. If you choose to join in  you will agree to commit to daily actions for a month.  These come with daily coaching videos. training and instructions, which will really accelerate your learning process.

The Price for Elite is Only $2000 per year

(To become a member, you must submit an application and be approved)

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