1. Your blog post is jammed packed with value Robbie. I can only imagine how disciplined the army is, and I have to agree with you. Discipline that is applied in the army, is no different to the discipline needed to apply when running an online business. The same level of dedication, effort and discipline must be applied.

    AND yes, finding the right support is also just as important. For example, the right mentor/s, the right support network whether that be within a community of like-minded people, or even if you HAVE to pay a business coach to guide you. It would be well worth it.

    Hey thanks for the share Robbie.

  2. Great advice Robbie! There’s no way I would have been able to start my own online business with out the help, support, training and mentor ship I received from SFM. All the hardwork and dedication you have is important but having guidance to use it effectively is the key!

    • Robbie

      You are right Toni. If you are not guided in the right direction the journey will take longer because you end up learning by trail and error. With guidance you can avoid some of the mistakes.

  3. Thanks Robbie for your advice.All the hard work and dedication everything is important but training from mentor who has done it before can increase your success ten fold.

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