Do What You Are Told

Can you do what you are told/asked?

Seriously can you do what you are told/asked to do? I bet you’re saying “Yes! of course I can,” “Can’t everyone?”  Ok then. When you have finished reading this blog post leave a comment. I will remind you again at the end. Ok?

You are right, you can do what you are told and so can most people, when they are asked in person. But if they are asked in a blog post, social media post, video, audio, webinar or even a book they can’t or is it they won’t? Yes I can be guilty as well. So why is this?

Is it :-

  • that it doesn’t suit them,
  • there is no accountability,
  • are not motivated,
  • they just can’t be bothered,
  • they weren’t really listening, or
  • they weren’t ready to hear and do.

Really I just don’t know.

An example

I have people ask “How do you get people to find you online without advertising or for free?” Like on social media.

Simple answer. “Interaction and engagement” What do I mean by that? Finding posts, pages, channels, videos, groups, communities with similar interests or that is your target audience. Then like, +1, or leave a comment that is relevant to the post, blog,video etc. It not only helps the person who’s post you are leaving a comment etc on, it also helps you the one leaving the comment. It creates links between you and them. It also lets other you may not know find you.

So why don’t they follow through and do what they are told to do?

An other example

This time of year people are considering what they want to achieve in the coming year and set goals for the coming year.

All the experts say

  • be specific,
  • with a set time frame or date,
  • write it out like you have already achieved it,
  • look at it every day,
  • take action. Like doing thing that move you towards your goal.

Simple isn’t it? Yet they still don’t do what they are told.

Can you do what you are told? Leave a comment below

Can You Do What You Are Told/Asked

Now it’s your turn to do what you are told/asked.

  1. Click the video above, then click the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner and watch it on YouTube, and while you are watching it leave a comment (your thoughts.)
  2. Leave a comment below. Your thoughts and opinion on “Can you do what you are told/ased”

Thank you for reading this and following through

Have a fabulous day




  1. Great post Robbie. You know it is very relevant and something we don’t always think about at times. When I was reading your blog post and giving it some thought I can honestly say that I too have been guilty of not doing what I was told or asked to do at times for many different reasons but mostly because I just wan’t motivated enough.

    Thank you for a nice nudge and reminder that some times we can be a lot complacent and slack at times.

    • Robbie van't Wout

      Yes Sandra it is so easy to go “Yep, Yep” when people suggest what to do that would be of benefit to you, then do nothing.
      But the old story if you do nothing you will get nothing.

      So thank you for doing what you were told.

  2. Fabulous Read. This is so simple and easy to take on. All you need is a little integrity and brains. Backlinks to you and your stuff – free advertising. Great! The other thing is with the SFM the training that you recommend so many people don’t follow the training to a tee. they sort of half do it and then follow some other rabbit hole online. dont do that. Do what You are Told. Keep inspiring Robbie!

    • Robbie van't Wout

      Thanks Gil. Yes it is simple but a lot of people still don’t get it.
      Sometime I think they are so focused on themselves and what they need to do that they miss the point.
      By helping others you are actually helping yourself.

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