About Me

Hi I’m Robbie vant Wout

My Mission

My mission is to empower people to live a happy, successful and fulfilled life


My Vision

If I succeed in my mission, I see a world where people maintain a happy, balanced life. Where they are open, honest, authentic and take responsibility for where they are and where they are going.


My Values

  • I’M A HAPPY PERSON: I like to live and maintain a happy balanced life, helping and sharing with others to encourage them to be happy as well.
  • INTEGRITY: I believe in being open, honest and authentic. I always seek to do the right thing.
  • I’M RELIABLE: I will be on time and am committed. If I say I’ll be somewhere at a certain time I will.
  • I’M RESPONSIBLE: I take responsibility for myself and others.
  • I’M DISCIPLINED: I will keep going, do what I have to and not quit. 
  • I SERVE: I am at my best when I’m helping others with their problems and helping them make progress:
  • I’M PATIENCE: I am patient and understanding when helping others:
  • I’M EASY GOING: I don’t get stressed or angry when people annoy me or get stressed or angry.
  • I’M TRUSTING: I trust people and take them at their word. 
  • I’M HARD WORKING: I put in the effort to get the job done when required 


First let me tell you a little about who I am

I am a kiwi (New Zealander) and grew up in the South Island in Mosgiel and Christchurch.  In my late forties and single but still looking and hoping
My Dads’ a Dutchman so I spent a couple of years(2010-2011) in the Netherlands discovering my roots, trying to learn the language and getting round on an Oma feits (Grandma  bike). It was quite an experience living and working with Polish people. But hey they people just like you and me, only they speak different



The village were the family originated. my name van’t Wout. Van means from and dad dropped the d when he came to NZ

I am now back in New Zealand



I have 4 brothers and a sister and 25 nephews and nieces. I have a lot of cousins both in New Zealand and the Netherlands

Sports and Interests

I am a active person and enjoy sports.

Running the Coast to Coast, NZ

  • running,
  • cycling,
  • kayaking,
  • swimming,
  • Mt biking,
  • triathlon/multisport(event with running,cycling/Mt biking, kayaking and swimming,
  • skiing but haven’t been for a while,
  • squash.
  • tramping
  • I quite like watching motorsport as well.
  • I did do karting for a year and loved it.  I would quite like to do it again sometime

I have tried a lot different adventure activities because we have lots of them in New Zealand.

Kayaking down Anawhenua falls North Island NZ

I work on the philosophy that I will try most things once and if I like it I will do it again.

I also like baking, while not the baking but more the eating what I have made

Growing vegetable is also something I have been known to do. I get that from my dad. He was a market gardener for years



Some books that I have found helpful are:-



I support the red cross and local community groups

The Journey till now

At 16 I left school and did an apprenticeship in engineering as a Maintenance Fitter
Then joined the NZ army to continue my engineering career and to get fitter. I achieved both. When I left 12 year later I was an instructor in my trade and also an assistant physical training instructor.

NZ Army Waiouru

While I was in the army I got right into my multi sport event. (Triathlon with a difference Include kayaking and sometime mountain biking and can be over a few days) Some would say I was a fitness freak, I probably was and still am as I run or cycle most days

Wild Challenge, Southland NZ

But I wasn’t getting ahead Financially

So I bought a franchise business (with a mate)  in a pizza chain hoping this would meet my financial goals. I went from doing a 40 hour week to doing 70 -80 hours a week. I had bought myself a job. And had little time to do anything other than work. I ran the business and my mate did the books.  We grew the business for 5 and a half years and at one stage had 30 staff.

PizzahavenThen one of the big players came into the market and sales began to go down. The franchisor had no answers. I ask them what they had learnt when the big player had gone into Queensland. “They are a pack of bastards” was the reply. My mate was loosing sleep with worry because if we went under he would loose his house etc. Everything I had was in the business so they couldn’t take anything else from me. I borrowed enough to buy him out and managed to keep going for another year.    Finally, having had the business for 7 years, I had walked away, not broke but close to it as the franchisor paid me asset value which just covered the debt.

While doing my pizza business I came across Robert Kiyosakis’ book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and decided that investing in property was the way ahead. So went back to Maintenance Fitting and saved hard.

I went to a property seminar, got a mentor I brought and renovated property in my spare time. Until the property crash happened and I got stuck with a property that I did up to sell and it didn’t and I ended up having to fork out every month for it. Although! I still believe that property is a good investment.

Whilst doing the property thing I when to senimars to educate myself and also got introduced to the “pitch fest” seminar(you know the ones, where they have a number of different speaker all trying to sell you there program) and got onto mailing lists.  “How can you get ahead financially and make a lot of money? The Internet!” Have you been there?

Yep I’ve bought into a quite few different programs. The push button money programs and some that were ok and had genuine people running them and that would have worked.

So “why didn’t they work?” Some times it was the program. There are a lot of  scams out there and the way they make there money is to sell you and me their get rich quick schemes that will never work.

However sometimes it was me! Yes you read it right. It was ME! What did the pizza business, the property investing and the internet businesses all have in common? ME

I have listened to the motivational speaker. Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Jim Rohn, Pat Masiti. Read books. The Law of Success, Think and Grow Rich, and more.
Done the  “Science of Getting Rich” program based on the book by Wallace D Wattle. A very good program by the way.

I heard, read, learnt and got to know what they said but deep down I didn´t beleive it. Why should I be successful, I didn’t deserve to be


Yes I joined  The Six Figure Mentors four years ago when Stuart Ross first launched it. It is an awesome program. It has:-

  • step by step training(on video) on setting up an internet business,
  • weekly training webinars
  • live events
  • an on line community where you can share, ask questions and get help
  • mastermind groups you can join and meet like minded people. And
  • a sales team that follows up with your leads.
  • tools for running your online business. Like website builder, tracking, link shortener and landing page creator.
  • Its great.

Although I will say the Six Figure Mentors is not another push button, do very little, get rich scheme. They don’t exist. You have to learn, follow the steps and put it into action. It will take time and hard work but it will be worth it in the end.

I have seen people come into SFM and are doing really well with this program. And over the past couple of years SFM has just got better and better. I have not come across any program like it.

The SFM updated the  training series at the beginning of 2014, and it is amazing.  


I just have 2 questions for you.

  1. Can I help you change and
  2. How can I help you

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you want to contact me feel free go to the Get In Touch page